About us

As the world's population continues dramatic growth, the demand for high rise buildings will continue to increase well beyond all earlier projections. As a result, increasing competition in the commercial real estate market will demand safer, more efficient elevator operation. All building systems, especially elevators, will need to become more "intelligent" in handling tenant needs. SUNRISE LIFTS Series, with Distributed Intelligence Technology, meets these demands.

From the past years Sunrise Lifts we pride ourselves in producing elevators that we tend to are technologically sound, strong and trendy. over the years, Sunrise Lifts has evolved as a corporation in our expertise, analysis and developments, gathered over a period of time, has helped us produce product that simplify the lives of individuals.

Our main success is Customer satisfaction and quality excellence kind an integral part of SUNRISE LIFTS company philosophy . At Sunrise Lifts we attempt to grasp the desires of our customers, and thereby offer them with Quality product and highly economical services. We have a vision to ascertain ourselves an one amongst the leading players within the field of innovative technologies and engineering services.

Sunrise Lifts includes a wide selection of elevators that serve numerous needs for day to day operations. Our passenger's models are quite widespread. Likewise, we tend to serve different segments of the society through our wide selection of Freight, hospitals, Observations, Hydraulic and residential elevators.