Service Functions

  • Safety Functions

When a car stops between due to mechanical malfunctions, the car descends to the nearest floor below.

  • Automatic Door Open & Close Time Adjustment

Door open and close times are automatically adjusted depending on whether the call is a hall call or a car call to increase the operating efficiency.

  • Micro Leveling

An automatic two-way leveling device is provided to maintain the elevator car level with landing, regardless of elevator load or direction of travel.

  • Automatic Car Light & Fan Turn-off

Car illumination and fan are turned off automatically in case there is no hall call or call call, saving energy.

  • Automatic Rescue Device

In case of power failure when the building has no emergency power supply, the elevator descends to the nearest floor by DC power of battery to prevent passenger being tapped in the car (standard for auto doors lift).

  • Emergency Service Operation

The elevator(s) will automatically return to lobby or primary egress floor when fire detection devices (supplied by others) are activated, Allowing passengers to exit. The elevator(s) will remain parked at that landing until the detection devices are deactivated or until the elevator is used by a fireman using the special fireman's service switch or key.

  • Voice Synthesizer

This system provides riding passengers with audio information about car operations such as direction of travel, landing floor, etc.

  • VIP Operation(optional)

The control of a specified call buttons provided specifically for the VIP elevator