Utilizing advanced, microcomputer technology, the SUNRISE Series distributes microprocessors with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) design to the elevator main controller, elevator car top, car operating panel, and hall operating stations. Throughout the network, micro modules monitor all elements of system performance and continuously communicate with the main CPU. The result is a sophisticated "fuzzy logic" with expanded artificial intelligence to handle all building tenant traffic demands on a "real time" basis 24 hours a day. True interface between tenant requirements and elevator performance is thus achieved (optional).

Lower Expenses

Distributed intelligence communication provides continuous data exchange between the main controller, elevator car , car operating panel, and hall stations. Improved serial link technology means reduced hoist way wiring for less running maintenance cost. The use of solid state electronic devices means reduced power consumption and up to 50% smaller machine room controllers, thus reducing machine room size requirements.

The VVVF Inverter has fewer components exposed to dust or dirt, thus providing more reliable performance. A significant reduction in noise levels during door opening and closing is achieved. The performance of the VVVF door system is optimized through the use of our Distributed Intelligence communications network.

Salient Featurs

  • Low power consumption, low maintenance costs, Saves power consumption by more than 50 % in comparision with conventional type elevators.
  • One touch input for operation, testing and numerous simulation commands.
  • Fast installation
  • Full length infrared door curtain to boost safety ofindividuals.
  • Through car openings on opposite sides.
  • Minimum Civil Works at the time of installation.